Patreon – October 2017 Design Packet


There were 9 designs for October.

I caught up on the Zodiac and had Virgo and Libra both released.

I also had a couple more Halloween images with The Bride and The Creature.

Mandalas were Seadragon Mandala, Floral Cats (more square than a mandala though) and Dragonettes mandala. I’m aware that mandala in the coloring world is something entirely different than in the actual meaning of Mandala originally.

Coffee Before Words  was designed to be used on a mug or tee-shirt as seen here:

Phoebe and Plato were made for another upcoming book.

My mandala book should be released this month (November) as I only have a few more designs to do. I was going to go for 10×10 size, but none of the POD places seem to carry that size.  I will not cease that hunt, however!


July Patreon Recap

I’m a wee behind, aren’t I?

So for the July recap and what people received.


Level $1 received Broken Ballerina Doll.

Level $2 received Cancer Zodiac (Only on Patreon)

Level $4 received Katniss & Scoops

Level $5 received Siren’s Wish (Only on Patreon) & Atomic Headache

Level $15 received the entire packet of images below.
All other levels have perks that deliver over time; such as books, merchandise, etc. I spent most of the month ill, so I would draw sometimes in the little bits and breaks I’d get from the illness.

So far, for August, I have mandalas and a few other drawings. I’m trying to work on Leo. Health is still kind of eh. May perks were retired this month, with the exception of the exclusive images which do remain available.

June Patreon Recap

Level $1 received Dandelion Wishes.

Level $2 received Gemini Zodiac (Only on Patreon)

Level $4 received May Furbaby

Level $5 received Queen of Spades (Only on Patreon)

Level $15 received the entire packet of images below.

All other levels have perks that deliver over time, though I do owe my $10 and up an audio get together. I haven’t had any time to just hang alone this month. I apologize.


How to get to Patreon?  Check it out here.

May Patreon Perks


Just to recap, as I forgot to post.

This was my very first month with Patreon. These perks were delivered prior to first payment processing. It was quite a fun month! Just to recap:
Level $1 received To Mend a Broken Heart. (Exclusive)

Level $5 received Josephine (Only on Patreon)

Level $15+ received the entire packet of images above.

To Mend a Broken Heart – Colored by Desereé Cundiff