Patreon – October 2017 Design Packet


There were 9 designs for October.

I caught up on the Zodiac and had Virgo and Libra both released.

I also had a couple more Halloween images with The Bride and The Creature.

Mandalas were Seadragon Mandala, Floral Cats (more square than a mandala though) and Dragonettes mandala. I’m aware that mandala in the coloring world is something entirely different than in the actual meaning of Mandala originally.

Coffee Before Words  was designed to be used on a mug or tee-shirt as seen here:

Phoebe and Plato were made for another upcoming book.

My mandala book should be released this month (November) as I only have a few more designs to do. I was going to go for 10×10 size, but none of the POD places seem to carry that size.  I will not cease that hunt, however!


A New Dragon – in Color


This is from my book, Dragon Wings and Wild Things. I used Prismacolor pencils. The image is slightly darker in the book than I want in that way you only see when you truly color something, but it looks really nice when complete. I’ll gladly give a free, lightened PDF to those who have trouble with him, just show me your book with you in the photo.

February Furbaby is here!

If you like fairies and you like cats, meet the new February Furbaby. This is a cat made just to celebrate all of the wonderful February birthdays out there (like mine!) and features a birthstone to color your way, a fancy little fairy cat, and the monthly flower as a stained glass border.

February Furbaby Digital Download

You can see there are many ways to color this image. What way will you choose?