Mugs, Tees and More

I’ve been working to try to get new designs up on some mugs, tees, cards, notebooks, stickers etc. Some are on Etsy and most are via Printful and Redbubble.




Twitch is a service that allows artists and gamers to livestream videos. I mostly watch other artists on mine. I hadn’t used it because getting music for twitch meant listening to some horrible music that was anything but relaxing. However, Twitch will block any music I use that is not allowed to be broadcast, so I’m just going to enjoy drawing and painting.

I am going to start using my Twitch account off and on. Normally, it will not have speaking. I share my office with my honey and he usually is playing a game online with his buddies. Guys are creative with speech when they hang out together and game.  Instead, I listen to music that is relaxing to me. Twitch may block some of that. I will also go back in and take the videos into time-lapse format and post them on Youtube with proper music.

May Patreon Perks


Just to recap, as I forgot to post.

This was my very first month with Patreon. These perks were delivered prior to first payment processing. It was quite a fun month! Just to recap:
Level $1 received To Mend a Broken Heart. (Exclusive)

Level $5 received Josephine (Only on Patreon)

Level $15+ received the entire packet of images above.

To Mend a Broken Heart – Colored by Desereé Cundiff


Color On! Featured Artist for June

If you haven’t already heard, I’m the featured artist for June in Color On! Magazine.  The ‘zine has 5 new and exclusive images available.

You can get this on Etsy and check out their website:  Color On! Magazine .
The cover was colored by Deirdre Gamill-Hock! It’s gorgeous!

This edition also has some great work from other awesome artists.

You can also see brand new, exclusive designs available on my Patreon page. This is the newest design available only to Patreon supporters (and that’s at the $2 level!)

Your support helps immensely! It’s usually going to go for art supplies, but this month it helped pay my unexpected vet bill for my Zoey baby.  Poor angel has asthma and it has been bad the last week or so. I don’t know the full extent yet as I wait on tests, but just today was over $315 and we have more to go on this road. Artist has to art, but also needs her best friend.

This cat is amazing and definitely my baby (at 9-years-old.)

New Project in Process

I’m working now on new content for my website.

I’m creating some artwork now that will only be offered through that venue over the coming months. Whatever I create and display there won’t be in book form until 2018 as an anthology of the year’s work. You don’t wait that long, do you?


Getting a Few Things Updated!

I’ve been working today to update my website. The Reviews page still needs updated, but I have reviews up on Youtube for some great coloring book titles.  You can check out my website here:

Shelah Dow Art

I also have been working away on dragons for the upcoming book, “Dragon Wings and Wild Things” due to release late March or early April 2017. I only have 5 more dragons to go. Can I get them done in time?  You betcha.

If you missed it, “Weirdlings and Wildlings Vol. 2” is now available.  To see some of what you’ll find in this book, check it out:

You can get this book as softcover on

Weirdlings and Wildlings Vol. 2 on Amazon!

or in digital download high-quality PDF version on Etsy.

Weirdlings and Wildlings Vol. 2 – Etsy Digital Download

Check that shop for a limited time special going on as well that bundles this book and the first fairy book together for $11. That’s a $5 discount off of buying them separately.




Freebie – Printable, Colorable Bookmarks

They are kaleidscopes! Floral and star designs on printable bookmarks and the newest design created today.  They are here for a limited time only then will retire. Head on over to Printables. Very high quality PDFs. Click on Printables above^April2016BookmarksPreview

So far, the book is doing very well also! We’ve been up and going for 2 weeks. The reviews are just starting to come in now.  If you’ve purchased, please definitely feel free to review.  If you’ve colored pages, I want to see them!


You can find it here on Amazon!

Fairies were temporarily stalled today to work on the bookmarks. They actually took a bit longer than I’d expected. Yesterday was dedicated to jewelry photography. About to start back in on “Find My Inner Peace” fairy for my next book.