Trying Something New

Of Dreams and Tears

I’m totally a nervous wreck about this and other things.  Health has been rough since early December. Flare, missed so much work it’s stupid. It’s stupid to the point of wanting to consider a GoFundMe so that I don’t lose the stuff vital to us (car, etc) and so….I’m trying out something new. I’m listing a few original art pieces on auction on my FB artist page with starting bids at $5.  Scary!!! What if it goes no where? What if people back out? It’s like putting your babies out there into the world, fearing rejection.  My artist page is at


I just don’t know what else to do at this point. Disability takes a very long time and generally doesn’t pay enough for all of the essentials, like rent. Fingers crossed that being artsy can help get us somewhere. I’m still creating coloring books. This image here is Faun…

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Getting a Few Things Updated!

I’ve been working today to update my website. The Reviews page still needs updated, but I have reviews up on Youtube for some great coloring book titles.  You can check out my website here:

Shelah Dow Art

I also have been working away on dragons for the upcoming book, “Dragon Wings and Wild Things” due to release late March or early April 2017. I only have 5 more dragons to go. Can I get them done in time?  You betcha.

If you missed it, “Weirdlings and Wildlings Vol. 2” is now available.  To see some of what you’ll find in this book, check it out:

You can get this book as softcover on

Weirdlings and Wildlings Vol. 2 on Amazon!

or in digital download high-quality PDF version on Etsy.

Weirdlings and Wildlings Vol. 2 – Etsy Digital Download

Check that shop for a limited time special going on as well that bundles this book and the first fairy book together for $11. That’s a $5 discount off of buying them separately.