Crunch Time


The inside of the book is now complete. The cover is almost done. We’re finishing up art for the back cover.  The new fairy book is almost ready to greet the world! If you want to know when it comes out, please watch this page. It’s down to the wire, as they say.


Another Lapse in Time

I took the other camera back and got one with a longer cord. I really am enjoying this whole create on camera thing.  It’s fun to go back and watch the design grow into something new. This one needs to be scanned and then cleaned up. She’ll be the very last image to go into the fairy book.

In other words, it’s almost done! I have colorists that are working now on some images for the back cover. I’m figuring out order of images in the book.  Everything is right on track and ready to release very soon.


On the Home Stretch

Another fairy complete.  I now have 25 finished. I have to decide if I’m going through to 30 or stopping here. I’m really thinking of pushing on through.

Fairies and elves and all kinds of fanciful creatures will fill the pages of book number two!