Freebie – Printable, Colorable Bookmarks

They are kaleidscopes! Floral and star designs on printable bookmarks and the newest design created today.  They are here for a limited time only then will retire. Head on over to Printables. Very high quality PDFs. Click on Printables above^April2016BookmarksPreview

So far, the book is doing very well also! We’ve been up and going for 2 weeks. The reviews are just starting to come in now.  If you’ve purchased, please definitely feel free to review.  If you’ve colored pages, I want to see them!


You can find it here on Amazon!

Fairies were temporarily stalled today to work on the bookmarks. They actually took a bit longer than I’d expected. Yesterday was dedicated to jewelry photography. About to start back in on “Find My Inner Peace” fairy for my next book.



Later today or tomorrow I’m swapping out my freebie printables on my site. They are limited time only when I post them. Please feel free to let others know that the two now “Elegance” and “Little Miss Muffet” are going away. It’s a great time to snag them before they are rotated for something new. Whatever comes next will be a surprise. It might be from my book, or it might be something entirely different.

I have tossed around the idea of showing some of the designs that weren’t published in the book, which allows them to only be available here for that short time frame (2 weeks) before new ones are displayed.  Keeping up with every 2 weeks does mean in the future I may repeat designs, but who wants to count on hoping for a repeat at some unnamed future date? Grab your free designs now to color and enjoy. If you liked them, please show. I’d love to see. My Facebook art page is a perfect place to share, just let me know in a comment here and I’ll look for it. You’ll be added to the coloring gallery.


Fairies and Pens

So far things are going great. I now have a few positive reviews on the book. I’m chugging through my fairies.

Normally I use these to ink my art: Zig Millenium Pens

Unbelievably worth it. I feel like they never seem to die.

For this one, I’m using my wacom to draw on a pencil sketch. This is from my upcoming fairy book. I still expect mid-May release. If you’re interested, please do follow.



Note: I’m fighting migraines and can’t sleep, so I’m also not drawing too much the last couple of days. I still don’t think that’s going to hold things off for future release.

Book on Sale!

Check this out!

Blooming Meditations – Colored by Cellophane Girl

I think it’s gorgeous. She brought this to life.

I’ve received two glowing reviews so far on my new book and Amazon has it on sale, 10% off. They randomly run sales on books and things.

Click through to get the book

I have also completed two more fairies for the next book.  I’m up to 21! Only a few more to go.  This is going along much better. I can’t wait to share that one with the world. Please do feel free to follow if you want to know when the fairies will be born.

Post Release Break

It won’t be a long break. I’m taking a couple of days break, a week maybe, after releasing this one before I dig right back in on the fairies. I have 2 fairies in the sketch program that I’m working on. Everything is scanned.

First comments and reviews have been very positive.  I really look forward to seeing what people create on the pages.

I’ve finished a couple of marker colorings as well. I am new to markers (I know, right?) so trying to get the hang of those. I’ve always been into watercolors.

Watch here for more upcoming works in progress as well as shared images from colorists and any news.

I have been coloring, too.

Blooming Meditations Released!

Available for purchase.


I’ve received the physical proof and it’s gorgeous. I love it. I will gladly color some of the images from my own book and I really would love to see what others color and create. You can submit items for the coloring gallery if you’d like. I’ll tag everything with your name. If you have a website, I’ll gladly link that as well.

Previous post has a grid image from the back of the book to give an idea of the beautiful, flourishing designs found in this book. 46 designs plus bonus art. This book is thick and the paper in mine was wonderful. Images are single-sided.

If you ever have an issue with the quality of the book you receive, please don’t hesitate to let Amazon know so you can exchange it. I will help any way that I can.

Blossoming Meditations – Almost Ready for Release


The files have all been submitted for final review. Blooming Meditations is  a book filled with beautiful floral designs created from hand drawn fantasy art. It is my first book release and an adventure. The designs in this book are ones I really enjoy coloring, and I hope others will as well. The designs are not mandalas, but could be a great break from them.

This book has 46 unique drawings as well as bonus material. It’s printed single sided, full size (8.5×11) on 60 lb paper. Here is a rather small idea of some of the images within the book.