What I’ve Been Up To

I’ve mostly been taking some time to rest after a car bang up (I’m okay, just dealing with the after effects) and to make cute little tangle tiles. They’re 3.5×3.5 inches.  When not doing that, I’m rounding up the last few pages for my upcoming book Mandala Muses! It should release end of November, after the 18th at some point.

If you haven’t already, check out Eni Oken as a lot of the inspiration and lessons I’ve learned from are there. One of these days, I hope to do her club or get in on her more detailed tutorials.

I also have my newly released cross stitch pattern up on PatternsOnline.com. It’s titled Fire Elemental Dragon and is a handsome little fella.

FireDragonPreviewFind him here

I would love to see him all stitched up. Look for more designs upcoming! I also have several there from over the years.


Patreon – October 2017 Design Packet


There were 9 designs for October.

I caught up on the Zodiac and had Virgo and Libra both released.

I also had a couple more Halloween images with The Bride and The Creature.

Mandalas were Seadragon Mandala, Floral Cats (more square than a mandala though) and Dragonettes mandala. I’m aware that mandala in the coloring world is something entirely different than in the actual meaning of Mandala originally.

Coffee Before Words  was designed to be used on a mug or tee-shirt as seen here:  https://www.redbubble.com/people/shelahdowart/collections/769620-sayings-and-sass

Phoebe and Plato were made for another upcoming book.

My mandala book should be released this month (November) as I only have a few more designs to do. I was going to go for 10×10 size, but none of the POD places seem to carry that size.  I will not cease that hunt, however!


Twitch is a service that allows artists and gamers to livestream videos. I mostly watch other artists on mine. I hadn’t used it because getting music for twitch meant listening to some horrible music that was anything but relaxing. However, Twitch will block any music I use that is not allowed to be broadcast, so I’m just going to enjoy drawing and painting.

I am going to start using my Twitch account off and on. Normally, it will not have speaking. I share my office with my honey and he usually is playing a game online with his buddies. Guys are creative with speech when they hang out together and game.  Instead, I listen to music that is relaxing to me. Twitch may block some of that. I will also go back in and take the videos into time-lapse format and post them on Youtube with proper music.



New Merchandise and Paintings

I’m touching base with my roots a bit. I haven’t felt up to watercolor painting so worked on this over several days.  I also put it up on some Redbubble goodies for everyone.  I’m going to make some cute labels with it as well. Planning out a lot of future stuff.

Truth be told, I just haven’t felt well at all.  Most of my fans know I have migraines and fibromyalgia. I am getting fibro flares, but the migraines are ruling my life. I’ve had 2 days migraine free since early July. I did get part of a day this week, so that was exciting, though I spent it in the prodrome phase of another oncoming migraine. Right now, art is what I have until I’m able to return to work. Even when I do, I have to have some environmental changes to make that work.

I was able to get a few new things out in the start of July which really bulked up that month for me prior to July 11th.  I also was able to release my newest book, Fairy Furbabies. It’s filled with little winged kitties of all types, including a calendar’s worth of cats of the month.

This month is a different story, however. It’s wearing me down. I’m striving to keep up with everything and get better so I can return to work. Watch this space for new updates. I’m not seeking sympathy, just understanding for why things aren’t happening as quickly as we’d all like.